Our SEO experts are in the lab right now » running final tests on .swf indexing

Reverse engineer Google's .swf indexing algorithm

What are we doing actually?

By discovering how our favorite search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN index content in Adobe Flash we will try to define set of SEO friendly rules and share them with internet community.

Help us! We need your brain! If you have a nice idea about experiments that you would like to see or you have some questions regarding Adobe Flash and Google, Yahoo crawling please share them with us.

Join our community - help us understand Adobe Flash crawling algorithm.

Please, feel free to share your experience with us about Google, Yahoo and MSN crawling of Adobe Flash websites.

  1. How Google index text embedded in Adobe Flash?
  2. Does Google follow links embedded in Adobe Flash?
  3. Can Google index external content loaded in Adobe Flash?
  4. Can Google index imported swf files?
  5. Can Google index Flash created with JavaScript Object?